Programs *

Throughout each age group, your child will be invited to learn developmentally, intellectually, and socially through a variety of educational activities and theme-based units for every age.

We also have extracurricular activities available. Please click here to view our current Extracurricular Activities.

Infant/Toddler Program (6 weeks – 2 years)
Our Infant/Toddler program incorporates curriculums, which offer learning experiences that focus on the prime areas of development for infants and toddlers. Weekly themes provide activities that support language enrichment, cognitive development, sensory experiences, fine and gross motor skills development, social-emotional development, and physical development. Our weekly themes include cognitive development activities that are designated for problem-solving. In addition, your child will participate in art, story, and music activities, as well as learn basic Sign language to help with early communication.

Preschool Program (ages 2-4)
This program introduces your child to social skills, language readiness, and identification of letters, numbers, colors and shapes. We use various activities and strategies to engage young students in the development of fundamental skills for printing letters and numbers, as well as teaching them how to listen and follow directions. Developmentally appropriate activities build self-esteem and an eagerness to learn. In addition to preschool-designed lesson plans, our teachers also focus on supporting children’s interests and learning needs. The curriculum we use is based on the philosophy that is backed by current research findings and sound educational theories of early childhood learning and development. We provide a wide range of hands-on, interactive materials allowing children to experiment and explore their surroundings. This includes a lot of art to build creative thinking and have fun.

Additionally, we use to enhance the learnings in our classrooms in the areas of early reading and writing skills, as well as math and social studies.

Pre-Kindergarten Program (ages 4-5)
Our program incorporates a curriculum that is research-based, designed for preschool, creates enthusiasm for learning and builds school-readiness skills. In addition, we use curriculum that is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards to develop early reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills. Students also encounter basic social studies and science concepts. Finally, creative arts, music and social awareness instruction (i.e., good manners, polite demeanor) are included to round out the future success of our children as they go on to elementary school.

Research shows that children learn by doing, and they need many opportunities to explore and acquire knowledge. Our program invites children to explore and discover, as well as participate in activities aligned with specific learning goals and objectives. is used to support our curriculum in reading, writing, language arts, math, science and social studies.

School-age (ages 5 – 12)
For parents needing before- and after-school care for their school-age children, we offer an enriching and safe environment where children can unwind from a long school day, make friends, play games and receive help with their homework.
This gives children the opportunity to have some free time to just be kids and have some fun, which they need after school. Plus, they have the ability to complete their homework, with help from teachers, so they may enjoy family time at home.
Transportation to and from specific area schools is provided.

Summer Camp (ages 5 – 12)
During the Summer, we provide to school-age children a Summer full of fun, enriching activities and field trips.

With Weekly Themes, we take your kids on an amazing Summer adventure of fun and learning experiences to help them grow.

School-agers participate in a variety of field trips to ensure our children are not bored for the Summer. Additionally, we include learning activities to assist them in keeping up with language arts, math and science skills, so your child’s mind remains sharp throughout the Summer.